Julia Johnston Wins Award From Australia’s Attorney General

Julia Johnston wins award from Attorney General - Hickman Family Lawyers Perth

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Here at Hickman Family Lawyers we’re so proud of the team we have built. And we’re excited to share that Julia Johnston, who is a family lawyer and independent children’s lawyer, has won a prestigious award from Australia’s Attorney General.

Julia was recently the recipient of the Individual Award from John Quigley, as part of the 2020 Attorney General’s Community Service Law Awards.

The Individual Award recognized Julia’s decades of work spent protecting children in need as legal counsel, as well as her time spent advising non-profit legal services and refuges.

Speaking at the awards ceremony at the David Malcolm Justice Centre in Perth, Mr Quigley said “Julia Johnston has devoted much of a 40-year career to protecting children at risk. The time she has spent helping not-for-profit groups is just as laudable.”

Here’s what the Department of Justice said about Julia in their announcement of the winners:

When she was a boarder at a girls’ school, Julia Johnston signed up to volunteer at the Wanslea children’s hostel in Cottesloe. This was the beginning of a lifetime safeguarding the welfare of children. Ms Johnston’s 40-year legal career has been focused on protecting children in need, often in the face of professional or physical threats by litigants.

In the past 20 years alone she has taken on more than 1600 grants of legal aid for impoverished and vulnerable people and provided pro bono assistance to non-profit legal services and refuges. True to her roots, Ms Johnston has since the early 1990s advised Wanslea – now a family services provider – and served as president, vice president, board member and now patron.

“To try and properly estimate how many people whose lives she has positively improved over the last 40 years without seeking to do so for financial gain would be an impossible task,” family lawyer Richard Bannerman says.

Julia has been practicing family law exclusively since 1985 and has been part of the Hickman Family Lawyers team since 2019. She has been involved in well over 2,000 Independent Children’s Lawyers and Separate Representative cases and is an invaluable asset here at our Perth family law practice.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to Julia on receiving this award and recognition from the Attorney General – it is so well-deserved!

Thank you to the Department of Justice for their permission to use these photographs from the day.

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