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Hire A Marriage Annulment Lawyer

What’s a marriage annulment?

A marriage annulment is a legal proceeding which effectively “cancels” the marriage between two parties due to it being considered void under certain conditions stated by the Family Law Act.

Annulment is different to a divorce because there is no official ending to a marriage (in the case of divorce) – instead, the marriage is considered not to have existed in the first place.

marriage annulment

Examples of a marriage which would be considered null and void include:

  • One of the parties being already married at the time of the marriage ceremony
  • The marriage being between direct descendants (i.e. grandparent or parent or child)
  • The requirements of the Marriage Act not being met
  • One of the parties didn’t give their consent to marry – or consented under duress or fraud
  • One or both of the parties were under the legal age to marry (under 18) at the time that the marriage took place

How can a Hickman Family annulment lawyer help you with a marriage annulment in Perth?

With compassion, understanding and a no-nonsense, approach, for one thing.

Our marriage annulment lawyer will also provide legal advice and assistance with your application to the Family Court of Western Australia to obtain a decree of nullity as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This may be a straightforward application or a more complex one (for example, if one of the parties contests the application). Either way, we’ve got your back.

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