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There's a better way to do family law

Nobody wants to go through a separation or divorce.

It’s one of the the most stressful life events you can experience.

But unfortunately, sometimes these things happen. And we want to guide you through the legal process.

Because the last thing you need right now, when you’re going through this emotional time, is to feel confused and overwhelmed by paperwork and lawyer speak, right?

We’re Hickman Family Lawyers, and we’re a bit different to other family lawyers in Perth.

One of Perth’s leading family law firms, Hickman Family Lawyers have the same management, same ethos, and same commitment to providing high quality family law service aimed at resolving matters as early as possible.

We’ve seen firsthand how expensive family law matters can be. All it does is eat away into your asset pool to the point where you’ve spent a fortune, and haven’t got the results you want.

That’s not our style.

There’s a better way to do family law...
We don’t want to charge you sky-high fees, or drag you through court for months. (Our family lawyers always try to resolve disputes through negotiation and mediation if possible.) We do want the best outcome for your family. We’re a fresh, energetic team of family lawyers and solicitors backed with a bounty of knowledge and experience in family law. Our clients will tell you that we’re one of the best boutique family law firms in Perth.  Providing tailored advice, mediation and representation in all areas of family law is what we do best. We’ll get property matters settled. Parenting arrangements set in stone for your children. Restraining orders resolved. Spousal maintenance sorted. Consent orders drafted. And a whole lot more. We know Western Australian family law really well, and we want to help you.
And we’re dedicated to delivering all this with compassion, understanding and exceptional customer service - at minimal cost.

How do I get a divorce?

What’s a consent order?

How can I apply for spousal maintenance?

Family law is our zone of genius. When it comes to the legal side of all things divorce and separation, we’ve got you covered.

We provide legal advice to families across the following areas:

Money bag

Property settlements


Consent Orders

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    Why choose Hickman Family Lawyers


    Because we treat you like a person and not just a number.


    Because we practise exclusively in family law. We know our stuff.


    Because our fees and cost agreements are affordable, and we offer flexible pricing structures.

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    Our client reviews

    After reading the reviews about Cobalt Legal I made an appointment. I was not disappointed. Ella was thorough, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. I have no hesitation in referring Cobalt Legal.
    Cobalt Legal and in particular Ella was professional and concise. In a settlement that went for over a year she had the balance right knowing that it was as much about keeping me informed and providing options as to what to do in a simple and understandable way.
    Cobalt Legal provided caring support for my family during a long complicated family court procedure involving young children. They were prompt in dealing with all correspondence, frank with their advice and excellent in their handling of court and mediation procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend this legal practice.
    Cobalt is a great efficient company. During my process Ella was amazing, understanding, trustworthy and extremely professional. Everything went well and moved quickly thanks to her. Thank you Cobalt and Ella!
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