Hickman Family Lawyers Recognised By Doyle’s Guide

Doyle’s Guide - Hickman Family Lawyers Perth

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Here at Hickman Family Lawyers we’re proud of our dedicated team of family lawyers in Perth. We’re excited to share that not one but two of our family lawyers have been included on a list of leading parenting, custody and children’s matter lawyers by Doyle’s Guide.

Founded in 2009, Doyle’s Guide is an independent body which rates and recommends law firms as well as individual lawyers in their online law directory.

Their recommendations are based on completed independent research, conducted via interviews with industry bodies, clients and peers. Recommendations on Doyle’s Guide cannot be bought, and are based purely on skills, performance and reputation.

The guide covers lawyers not only in each state of Australia, but also in Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Each area of law is reviewed and the top law firms and individuals in each specialist area make the list.

We were honoured to have not one, but two of the Hickman Family Law team be included on Doyle’s Guide’s recommended list of leading parenting, custody and children’s matter lawyers in Western Australia for 2021.

Both our principal Ella Hickman and Julia Johnston made the list of recommendations, which follows Julia’s recent award from the Attorney General of Australia. She was the recipient of the Individual Award as part of the 2020 Attorney General’s Community Service Law Awards, for her decades of work spent protecting children as an independent children’s lawyer and her time spent advising non-profit legal services and refuges.

You can see the full list by Doyle’s Guide of recommended family lawyers in Western Australia here.

Congratulations Ella and Julia!

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