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One of the most challenging parts of going through a separation or divorce can be agreeing on child custody arrangements. That’s where our child custody lawyers in Perth can help you.

In Australian Family Law, the term ‘custody’ is not used legally, although many separating couples still refer to child custody when referring to working out where children will live and how often they will move between parents and caregivers. In Australian Family Law, we refer to these kind of care arrangements in terms of parenting orders or parenting plans.

child custody

Parenting plans and parenting orders can deal with things like who the child lives with for the majority of the time (unless time is split 50/50), how much time they spend with the other parent, communication between parents, when and how a child can travel, medical matters, and educational matters.

Parenting plans are written agreements signed by both parents but are not legally enforceable, whereas parenting orders are legally enforceable by the Court.

The Family Court will usually presume it is best for any child to have both parents involved in their care with shared responsibility. But we know that sometimes, that’s not always the case.

If you need a child custody lawyer who has the expertise and experience to help you navigate this complex process with the best interests of your children in mind, speak to us today.

Our child custody lawyers in Perth are well-versed in child custody matters and can provide you with support and guidance personalised to your family’s needs – because every family has its own unique set of circumstances. As child support lawyers as well, we can also guide you on matters of child support which is often closely linked to the parenting arrangements you reach with your ex.

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