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About Our Family Law Firm

Ella Hickman – Principal

I’m Ella Hickman, owner and Principal of Hickman Family Lawyers  (formerly Cobalt Legal), one of the leading family law firms in Perth.

I practice almost exclusively in family law in Perth and have a particular interest in parenting and children’s issues, matters arising from domestic violence in relationships, and property settlement cases where people want to take a commercial approach (based on the size of the asset pool).

I’ve also represented countless clients – both applicants and respondents – across all of these areas in the Family Court of Western Australia, and in restraining order matters in the Magistrates Court.

I’m results-oriented and will encourage my clients to explore a resolution of their matter through mediation rather than going through the Family Courts.

But if you need your day in court, I’ll be right there with you.

Sometimes, a family matter can’t be resolved by agreement. And that’s where my extensive experience in representing clients in the Family Court of Western Australia comes in handy. My team of family law lawyers and I lead our clients through the whole process, from commencement of proceedings all the way to trial.

I’d also like you to know that our team of Perth family law lawyers represent both Legal Aid and private clients.

We don’t discriminate. Everyone is entitled to a happy and safe existence, no matter their background. We have a team of highly qualified family and divorce lawyers who are on the Legal Aid panel, and who accept Legal Aid funding for eligible clients.

How much do I charge?

The benefit of being the Principal in a small family law firm in Perth is that I get to consider each case on its merits, and work out the best pricing structure for you.

Do you need someone who will do it all for you, including preparing documents, negotiating with the other side, and appearing in Court? That’s not a problem.

Do you just need a family law “coach” in the background, giving you advice when you need it whilst keeping your costs down? Absolutely, we can offer that.

Do you want certain things done for a fixed amount? We can offer fixed pricing structures in some circumstances, particularly for things like consent orders and divorces.

You probably want to know my credentials, right?

No problem.

I’ve got a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Psychology) from the University of Western Australia. I’ve been practising as a barrister and solicitor since 2014.

I have recently been accredited as an Independent Children’s Lawyer for Family Court disputes, which means that I can also be appointed to act for children in proceedings. In doing that, I act in the best interests of the child or children.

I worked in criminal law and commercial litigation before finding my calling in family law. I live in Perth, and know how the family law system works here.

Ready to book in for a free 15 minute phone consultation?

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    Professional and experienced family law attorney

    Why choose Hickman Family Lawyers?


    Because we treat you like a person and not just a number.


    Because we practise exclusively in family and divorce law. We know our stuff.


    Because we’re a small, boutique practice of separation and divorce lawyers focused on providing you with a quality service.


    Because our fees and cost agreements are affordable, and we offer flexible pricing structures.

    Possibly the most important thing??

    We’ll always try to resolve a dispute through negotiation and mediation first if possible. Applying to the Family Court of Western Australia is time consuming, stressful and often expensive. The current wait times for hearings can be six weeks or longer. We’d rather you not have to take things through the court system if it can be avoided.

    Too long have we seen legal fees being driven up by lengthy and expensive litigation. That’s not our style. There’s a better way to do family law, and we are right there with you to resolve things as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

    So, about that free 15 minute phone consultation...

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