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Divorce Lawyers Perth

Divorce. It’s a small word with big implications.

In the legal sense, it’s the term used for the termination of a marriage between two parties. You can apply to the Family Court of Western Australia for a divorce.

To apply for a divorce, you need to have been separated from your spouse for 12 months or more. After this time, either party (or both of you) can begin legal proceedings to terminate your marriage.

However, there are also implications for your property settlement in relation to the date that you get divorced. We often see people who have left their run a bit late in terms of resolving their property settlement, after getting a divorce. We are here to help you with timelines, to make sure everything gets done at the right time.

divorce and family law

That’s where Hickman Family divorce lawyers comes in.

Our team of divorce lawyers in Perth have a bucket-load of knowledge in family law. Our aim is to help you understand the full legal impact that a divorce will have on you and your family – and guide you through it.

We’re trusted and affordable. We provide straightforward, honest advice… but also wrangle more complex cases and legal representation.

How can our divorce lawyers help you?

We’re not here to sling mud. The end of a marriage is often a really difficult, emotionally draining time for everyone involved.

Our focus is on providing sound legal advice and representation with care, compassion and understanding.  

We know that divorce and separation is a difficult time for you and your family, which is why our divorce lawyers work to resolve all cases as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible.

We want to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s” for you so your family can begin the next chapter of your lives.

Our team of Perth divorce lawyers and solicitors takes the weight off our clients’ shoulders by working on all manner of issues relating to de facto relationships and married couples.

These include:

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