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What Do Family Lawyers Do

Hickman Family Lawyers - What Do Family Lawyers Do

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What do family lawyers do?

It’s a common question, and often goes far beyond what most people think family lawyers do – battle it out in court all day to get the most money for their clients.

A good family lawyer will find the best solution for the whole family – not just their client, but the family unit as a whole.

Our family lawyers in Perth share some of the key things we help our clients with on a daily basis, from family mediation to annulments and restraining orders.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is a discipline of civil law that deals with all family matters, particularly in marriage or de facto relationship breakdowns. It also covers all children’s and parental matters as well as other issues, which become a consequence of a family breakdown. 

Family law can be fairly complex at times, dealing with highly emotional and sensitive cases, which require specialised knowledge and skills for lawyers to handle.

Common Family Law Matters

Many different kinds of family law matters are handled by family lawyers.

Binding Financial Agreements  

Binding financial agreements can be drawn up by family lawyers at any time during or at the end of a relationship, setting out the terms of the division of assets in the event of a divorce or relationship breakdown.

Marriage Annulments

Family lawyers handle the often-complicated matters regarding marriage annulments.    


Many divorces have certain complex elements to deal with, each requiring specialised information that can best be provided by a family lawyer.

Child Custody & Child Support

Apart from the legal aspects, child custody and child support matters raise emotions for the whole family, requiring certain skills that family lawyers can provide.

Spousal Maintenance

In certain cases, family lawyers are the best people to determine whether spousal maintenance may be appropriate.

Property Settlements

These matters are often the most hotly contested and can only be resolved by experienced family lawyers.

Restraining Orders

In some divorce and separation cases, restraining orders need to be applied to ensure the safety of either spouse or children. A family lawyer can greatly assist in that regard.

Family Mediation                           

Some family lawyers can also carry out family mediation, offering guidance to both parties in order to reach a quick and amicable settlement.

How Can A Family Lawyer Help You?

Provide Legal Advice                                                     

Family lawyersprovide legal advice specifically suited to the set of circumstances that come with each divorce or separation. 

Represent You In Court                                

Family lawyers do not only represent you in Court, but draw up and submit documents, question witnesses and argue on your behalf before a Judge.

Negotiate Settlements                                                 

Family lawyers have the necessary skills and legal knowledge to negotiate a settlement with the other side with the ultimate aim of getting a fair outcome.

Reach Agreements Via Family Mediation

Where possible, qualified family lawyers may also serve as family mediators, helping you to reach an amicable agreement with your ex, saving you both stress, time and money.

When Should You Engage A Family Lawyer?

There are many different times you could look at engaging a family lawyer. These include the following scenarios.

You’ve Decided To Separate       

You should engage with a family lawyer as soon as you decided to separate. Knowing your legal rights and obligations as early as possible will prevent you making unnecessary and costly decisions.

You’ve Decided To Divorce          

The sameapplies to when you decide to divorce. If there are children involved, there are often complicated parental matters to deal with. There can also be issues with respect to how your divorce might impact your property settlement.

You Have Children

Parenting arrangements, child support, parental rights, as well as the drafting of parental plans or orders and submitting them to Family Court for approval are all completed by a family lawyer.

You Want To Protect Your Assets              

Choosing a trustworthy family lawyer is vital in putting in measures to protect your assets. This can be done by a family lawyer drafting a Binding Financial Agreement suited to your particular circumstances, either before or after separation, or by getting consent orders.

You Want To Protect Your Family

In extreme cases where there is a threat of abuse or violence and a member(s) of your family need protection, family lawyers have the necessary skills and resources to draft the applicable restraining order that suits your particular situation.

Hopefully this has answered your questions around what do family lawyers do.

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