The Dangers Of A Do It Yourself Divorce

Dangers Of A Do It Yourself Divorce - Hickman Family Lawyers Perth

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The dangers of a do it yourself divorce are many. Just like DIY will kits, there are a reason they are cheap and cheerful – they can leave you in worse shape than they promised.

Here are some of the dangers of a do it yourself divorce in Australia, and how you can avoid them by turning to a reputable family lawyer instead.

DIY Divorce Kits Don’t Address Settlements

While you can get DIY divorce kits in Australia, these are usually only related to the divorce application process.

This means that only the legal process of filing and getting a divorce is addressed and resolved.

If you need to settle property matters, financial matters, and matters relating to the care of your children, a DIY divorce kit is unlikely to be of much help you.

You May Not Get Accurate Legal Advice

When it comes to a DIY divorce, you’re getting an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution.

These simplified kits and their associated paperwork do not come with any personalised legal advice. There may be some complexities in your matter (like being separated under one roof, being married in another country, or having children) that make your divorce more complex.

As family lawyers in Perth, we’ve dealt with countless divorce applications over the years. And we know that no divorce is ever the exact same as another.

Just like DIY will kits, DIY divorce kits come with nothing personalised at all. You simply fill in the blanks and assume that the legal process will be taken care of no matter what information you enter.

You May Not Get A Fair Outcome

Because you don’t get any personalised legal advice with a DIY divorce, you may not get a fair outcome when it comes to your divorce settlement, property settlement, or arrangements for your children. Further, there can be a lot of delay associated with getting it wrong.

A reputable family lawyer can not only help you navigate the muddy waters of getting a divorce, but also help you get a fair outcome as part of your final settlement.

It May Not Be Quicker

Just because you choose a simple solution to getting a divorce, it may not be the quicker option. As we’ve stated before, DIY divorces usually only related to the legal matter of ending the marriage.

They do not help you to settle any other matters – how to split your property, finances, child care and superannuation. These are the things that can take time to resolve, and when you get a DIY divorce these matters are rarely even considered.

One Wrong Automated Tick Box Could Unravel Your Divorce Application

Because DIY divorce kits are often ready-made and pre-filled, except for your personal information, all it takes is one tick box or the wrong field to completely unravel your application.

Having the forms is often not enough – it’s knowing how to read them, complete them, and submit them as well. There are a lot of procedures that need to be followed, and if you miss steps, your divorce is unlikely to be successful.

A trusted family lawyer can help to guide you through the divorce application process.

At Hickman Family Lawyers we can help you complete the right paperwork, the right way, and if needs be, represent you in court as well.

Not sure what you need help with when it comes to your divorce? Get in touch with our friendly team of family lawyers in Perth now – 08 6381 9444 or contact us online here.

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